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The perfect Holi Fotoshooting

Photoshooting for Holi

Tips for an extraordinary photo shoot with holi powders In a photo studio, outdoor, with a professional camera or even with the camera of your mobile phone, holi coloured powders will help you to get artistic photos with very little effort. Wide variety of topics for this type of photographic sessions: sport, juggler, acrobatic… Romantic […]

How to plan Holi Run?

Holi Run

Holi Run: colours and sport through the city The Holi Run, or Colour Run, is a race of 5 kilometres in which the less important goal is to arrive first to the finish line. It is not a competition, and the objective here is not the speed. It is an event where people of all […]

8 Simple steps to host The Perfect Holi Party

Yes Holi

What is the Holi Festival? In India, The Holi Festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the light over darkness and the end of winter. It welcomes the rainy season and spring. The also known as the colour festival is with out doubt the most cheerful celebration of the country. The streets of many […]


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