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What is the Holi Festival?

In India, The Holi Festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the light over darkness and the end of winter. It welcomes the rainy season and spring. The also known as the colour festival is with out doubt the most cheerful celebration of the country. The streets of many villages and cities are filled with colour and people are cover in red, yellow, green or blue. Equality and unity are the indisputable stars of the event, during the Holi doesn´t matter who you are or where you come from, this day we are all equal. We encourage you to bring this amazing celebration to your town or city and offer this nice experience of unity and equality as a gift to your guests. Our original Indian Holi Gulal powder is perfect for parties, birthday celebrations or company events. Even a photo shoot will turn into and unique and colourful celebration. The powder will not only make your event special, it can even help you to monetize it! In Holipowerwe want to support you in the realization of your own holi colour festival. From the first steps of the planning process through the final steps of the event, we are here for you! Let yourself be carried away by the spirit of the Holi celebration and immerse yourself in our colourful world. .

8 Simple steps to host the (perfect) Holi Festival

1. Choose the right color powder– Buying our powder you will get a quality product. Our Gulal powder strictly comply with the quality requirements and follow European quality & safety regulations.

2. Choose the right amount of colours – We recommend between 4 and 6 bags of colour per participant in the Festival. Our powder has been packet in 75 g bags but is possible to make customize orders and choose the quantity per bag you prefer (for large orders and with anticipation). Choose also between 6 intense colours: yellow, green, blue, pink, purple and orange.

3. Start Planning your festival – celebrate it during the day to take full advantage of the potential of the colours/shades. Dress in white is highly recommended it will highlight the colors even more. Ask all participants to perform approx. every hour a countdown & throw the colors all at once and create a spectacular effect. People of all ages are welcome in holi parties as long as they are 5 or older.

Nacht Holi Festival

4. Take into account delivery time – Fast delivery also for big orders. Express delivery service available, it shortens the delivery time to 48 hours. But, we recommend to plan everything in advance to avoid last minute stress.

5. Safety first – A 100% natural product. Holipower powders you are totally safe, meet the established certificates & are explosion proof. Anyway, better if in the holi party does not participate any children under 5 and that attendants use masks or bandanas to avoid breathing too much dust/ powder.

Reinigung von Holi Farben

6. How to clean clothes and hair after the party –The colored powders we sell in Holi Power are washable and easily removed from clothing, soil, hair and skin. They are safe and if used well they are not dangerous either for people or for nature. The powder will mix with the sand and dilute. Same with the grass, it is a 100% natural product so it will not damage the environment and it will stay in the ground just for couple of days, or even less if it rains.

7. When is the best moment to celebrate a holi festival? –The right time to celebrate such a party is summer or spring. If in your region autumn is warm, then also during that season. As with most outdoor activities t is important to consider the weather forecast. But, do not be afraid of the rain. A bit of water makes the colors merge between them creating a very cheerful effect.

8. How much to charge for a holi party? –Usually each holi bag is sold for 2 or 3 euros. Although if this is considered to high or very cheap feel free to choose the amount that seems more appropriate.


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