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Safety and Holi Powder

Our Holi powder Made in Germany produced in accordance with EU cosmetic regulations is absolutely safe for you and our environment. It is non-explosive and fine dust reduced for a safe and colorful party.

Gulal Shipment all over the world

Just order your Holi powder online and you will receive it within 3 – 7 working days. Easy, fast and uncomplicated!  You need your Holi colors even faster? No problem, we also offer express delivery within 48 hours.

Beautiful Colors

Our Holi powder is easily washable and biodegradable. We offer you 6 different colors in bags or in bulk. We got what you need! Contact us and request your individual offer.

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Our Holi powder is mostly produced in Germany. But why is that? With our production in Germany we can ensure that our Holi colors are safe and professional, which is very important to us as a company.

  • express-shipment within 2 working days
  • Holi powder in bulk and 75g bags in stock
  • outstanding quality
  • safe product for you and the environment
  • easily washable Holi colors
  • we support you at every step during your Holi Festival organization
  • individually labeled Holi bags
  • a colorful spectacle for everyone

Antiallergic Holi colors

We only use rice flour for our Holi powder product and therefore we are able to reduce the fine dust absorbance in your lungs. Additionally we only use food dye for our Holi colors.  We advise children and asthma patients to wear a face mask.

Fine dust reduced Holi powder

As our Holi powder does not contain any talcum or starch, but rice flour, our product is less fine dust polluted, which reduces the absorbance into the lungs.

Holi Colors

We offer you 6 different colors of Holi powder: blue, green, yellow, orange, pink and purple. You need Holi powder for a big event? Or you want to celebrate your own small Holi festival? You are planning a colorful photo or video project? We welcome you to our colorful world and invite you to be enchanted by our Holi colors!

Personalized Color orders

We offer you small to big amounts of Holi powder for a good price available at short notice. We offer you a broad variety of Holi colors and guarantee you high-quality and authentic Holi Gulal. Browse through our site and learn more about us and our Holi powder. No time to look around?Go straight to our Holi powder shop and order your own small color blast.

Holi Gulal Festival


What is Holi Powder

Holi powder originated in India and is knownfrom the Holi festivals in India. To provide certified and safe  Holi Gulal powder we produce our Holi powder in Germany under high quality management. Our Holi powder consists of rice flour and food coloring made in Germany.

Festival of Colors
Holi Color Festival

Are Holi Colors dangerous or poisonous?

Our Holi powder consists of natural contents and is absolutely safe for people to use and the environment. We are happy to show you certificates proving this statement. In rare cases Holi Colors can lead to breath problems since it is very fine dust. With known breath problems we advise you to wear a face-mask and not to breathe in the Holi powder directly.

What is a festival of Colors?

The Holi festival originally comes from India and is a celebration to welcome the spring and to banish the evil sprits. All people are equal on this special day and more importantly, covered in colors from head to toe. In Germany a Holi event is a huge party with thousands of people who come together for a jolly festival. The feeling of unity and equality is most important on this special day.

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What do I do with Hol Gulal Powder?

Throw the Holi colors in the air and simply have fun! For more pleasure with Holi Gulal we recommend to mix it with a little water to use it as paint. But immediately rinse with fresh water in case of contact with eyes or mucous membranes. We do not recommend Holi powder for asthmatics or people with other pre-existing allergic conditions. It is recommended to wear a face mask while using the product.

What should I wear at the Holi Festival?

There shouldn´t be any problems with the cleaning of your clothes. But we recommend not to wear your best clothes, as the easy cleaning depends on the washing machine and the detergent you use. We recommend to wear older clothes primarily white as the powder unfolds its full brightness on white clothes. We don´t take any liability for stained clothes.

Holi Party Colorful
Holi Colors Fun

Hair and Holi Powder

Don´t worry, Holi colors are rinsed out easily in most cases. But watch out blondes! As the hair structure of dyed blonde hair is damaged in most cases, it is possible that small Holi powder particles settle into damaged hair. We recommend to prepare your hair with hair oil to avoid colored hair. In case of Holi colored hair you can use anti-dandruff shampoo, olive oil with citric acid or aspirin tablets dissolved in water to rinse you hair. We also recommend deep-cleaning shampoo or decoloration from your hairdresser. We don´t take any responsibility for colored hair as it is due to damaged hair structure.

How Much Holi Powder do I need of a Holi Event?

We recommend 4 to 6 bags of Holi powder per person for your Holi event to achieve a terrific color effect.

How should I store the Holi Powder?

Please store our Holi colors in a cool and dry environment, away from sunlight, to ensure thebest possible durability.