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Holi Gulal, which Originated from India is graded as a cosmetic product within the EU and thussubjects to strict and high requirements concerning safety of use. Those who use Holi powder are exposed to its ingredients. The substances enter the body by skin contact and inhalation of powder particles. For imported Holi products, e.g. from China or India, you never know exactly what substances actually get into the color powder, as weaker and not so strict regulations apply for the production in third countries. Thus, the consumer cannot know what kind of health risks originate from such products. We, however, produce our Holi powder in Germany under the strictest and highest standards in terms of quality and purity of the ingredients, as well as hygiene conditions during the production.

Deutsche Holi Farben

Holi colors Produced in Germany –our quality standards

The raw materials of our Holi colors come from controlled cultivation within the EU countries and are blended exclusively with food coloring in Germany, and packaged in plastic bags under EU-compliant food standard. During production, the raw material water is checked regularly for purity, whereby the level of high safety standards is emphasized again. This especially ensures that no bacteria, pathogens and other toxins and heavy metals such as arsenic and lead, are passed to the product through contaminated water, which cannot be prevented with imported goods (example from India).
Additionally, Holi powder produced in Germany offers the following advantages, not only for health but also for explosion safety and environmental friendliness:
  • The carrier material in our Holi colors is rice flour only. Thus, it is free of the carcinogenic substance talc and free of allergens, as well as solvents.
  • Our product is fine dust reduced, thus it does not settle into the lungs. In addition, this ensures, among other things, a particularly high explosion safety.
  • The Holi powder contains no environmental harmful substances and is environmentally degradable.Therefore, it can safely seep into soil without endangering groundwater.
  • Our Holi Gulal is an approved cosmetic and is declared in accordance
  • to the EU Cosmetics Regulation (EC) no. 1223/2009.
The safety of our colors was reviewed by several independent experts and certified, including Dekra and German BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing.

Buy Holi powder from Holipower – What we offer to you

We want to stand out not only by the especially high quality of our Holi colors of German production, but also by high-quality individual full service. Therefore, we offer you the following services, with the purchase of our products:

We can assist with certain aspects of event planning, such as determining the necessary quantity of Holi powder for your guests, or the acquisition approval by authorities.


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