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Holi powder and logistics

Not only the planning of an event, or the acquisition of suitable goods requires high attention and immense effort, but also the logistical aspects.

If you have previously imported goods from China or India, you certainly know the following: Even if the purchase process runs smoothly, there is no warranty, no security. Once the goods are loaded into the containership, it leaves the responsibility of the supplier. Then the 4 to 8-week seaway and finally the import starts. If there are delays or other difficulties, you are powerless.

We, however, relieve you of these burdens, and provide you with advice and practical help. We are happy to solve all possible issues for you.

What quantity of goods must be delivered to which place on what date? Which company does the forwarding at what price? When should the order be placed? When and how long are the goods on the way? What if something goes wrong? etc.

Just send us your festival dates and locations, we do the rest!
Our in-house logistics department, in cooperation with international freight forwarders, takes care of the entire management of your logistical needs. If you have individual needs, the goods are packed and commissioned according to your wishes. Be it a number of short-term deliveries for a festival series, tight deadlines, deliveries by ship, plane or truck, we leave no stone unturned to meet your expectations.

If it hast to be quick, we can also gladly supply you within 24 to 48 hours, using our express shipping partners or our own vehicle fleet, reliably all over Europe!
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